Features & Advantages:

- user friendly multilanguage interface with hints
- possibility to make many configs, so you can easily exp different classes at the same time
- make quests in prologue automatically if needed
- make most of quests, including quests for mount (random type), scarecrow and glider (optional)
- random overachieving of some quests, if it’s possible
- random choosing of spots and quests execution order (more than 2^65 variants for 1-50 lvl)
- you can set up quests regards (weapon and armor)
- using optimal and max detailed GPS map for moving in game (more than 30k points)
- you can exp any class \ build - all skills for learning are customizable
- script has built-in best universal fight system
- script protected from disconnects \ sticking \ death etc
- using potions, spellbooks, scrolls etc, if have
- delete trash, when inventory is overflowed
- auto creation new char on empty accounts (you set race and specialisation)
- possibility to end exp on nedded level
- possibility to auto start next script after end of exping
- and a lot of another features!


- download script files, using ArcheAngel biult-in updater
- select account in account manager (where you want to use it)
- selct "Script" tab, press open script on top of editor
- choose ArcheAngel/Scripts/Incubator/Incubator.bin file
- press "start script" button
- enter key you had bought into key_incubator.txt (it will be automatically created after 1st script start or u can create it by yourself)
- then you should set up all what you need in the script interface
- script loads config with the same name as Account name in Acc Manager. If such file does not exists script will load Default.xml. So you just need set right names in Acc Manager like "Shaman", "Cabalist" etc. (and make configs with the same names)
- functions "Resstart script with account" (on script editor's panel) and "Pause script if offline" (Settings -> Additional) must be disabled!