- using combo attacks, buffs, heal with customizable priority
- filters for targeting - priority and ignore
- customizeable list of spot with conditions
- mail sending, repair, sellig to vendor and another services
- movement based on GPS module
- using sprint, mounts, Recall etc
- events manager (another plaeyrs, death, pvp, debuffs, chat etc)
- fishing
- questing
- and a lot of another features!


- download script files, using ArcheAngel biult-in updater
- select account in account manager (where you want to use it)
- selct "Script" tab, press open script on top of editor
- choose ArcheAngel/Scripts/Beast/Beast.enc file
- press "start script" button and wait a few seconds
- set up options for your character and save config file
- it's ready to use! press "Enable" button in Beast interface