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Support latest Trion EU\US ArcheAge servers (game verion: 4.5+)

The main feature of ArcheAngel Bot is powerfull script engine with detailed documentation, that let you automate any action in game.

  • Easy to run multiple game clients on 1 PC simultaneously
  • Support proxy and HWID change for each client
  • Autologin and relogin (if disconnected)
  • Built-in simple radar with filters and sound alerts
  • Some ready-made scripts \ plug-ins
  • Customizable timer for control clients
  • Fast game launch, memory optimization

Price try it

Purchase process is fully automated.
You enter you email before pay, then select payment method and pay. System will check tranzaction and send key to your email automatically.

ArcheAngel key

  • Key for 1 mounth (31 day)
  • 1 key allow you to run 5 game clients
  • Key will binded to your PC
  • Key rebinding reduce it's time for 1 day
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Ready scripts and plugins additional

Beast - mob grinding bot

Flexible options, priority / black mob lists, customizable fight skills, alerts on many events etc.

Landlord - farmer bot

Allows you to automate planting / harvest on many houses / scarecrows. Also support work in open world.

Incubator - quest exping bot

Auto exping by quests 1-50 lvl for Dwarfes / Warborns / Harani. Supports any build - u can customize it

Frequently asked questions FAQS

Below we’ve provided most popular questions. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

ArcheAngel is a perferct instument for making scripts that let you automate any action in game (kill mobs \ farming \ trade packs \ work with auction house etc), it is "platform". For people, who can not write scripts there are a lot of ready and easy to use plugins with interface.

No, we support only Trion EU \ US servers.

It's safety feature! Every week, after servers restart you should wait our update before continue to use bot. Built-in updater will inform you when it ready. You don't need to spam us about scheduled updates.

No, only monthly subscription. It's a necessary measure for safety.

No, 1 key allow you to use ArcheAngel only on 1 PC at the same time. But you can rebind key for another PC if you need. Just close bot on 1st PC and start with the same key on another. There will be message on start, that key will lost 1 day of it's time cause rebind - press OK and then restart ArcheAngel again.

PayPal, Credit cards, Web Money, Qiwi, Yandex.Money etc.

First of all, if u have some issues with our bot - contact us and we will try to solve it. If we can not solve your problem and soft doesn't work on your PC, we will make refund. Usually I answer every day, but some times I can be busy (we are all people and have real life, yeah?), so answer can take 1+day, please, be patience. But in case if you make disputes withount any tryies to contact us, or bot works good on your PC, but not like you imagine in your wet dreams and you behave like a cattle in chat, we can deny your request.

Nowadays usual bot with interface - it's commonness. Each user wants to customize bot's behavior in a special way. ArcheAngel - new generation's bot for ArcheAge and lets you to use of scripts. Thus, you can do whatever you want: kill monsters, farming, mining, do quests, pass instances or trade backpacks. Also you can use scripts to superiority over the enemy in PvP. Plugin - this is essentially the same script, but with an interface that makes it easier for setting up options (for example Landlord). Ie, our bot allows you to create your own bots on its basis.

It's very simple - for each account you can set own script or plugin to execute. Also read tutorial: How to start script in ArcheAngel?

No, everything is easy. The only thing you need to understand and remember that for starting all the scripts and plugins for ArcheAngel you need to have active ArcheAngel key ;D So make sure that you have one before you buy some paid script.

Formally ArcheAngel - 3rd-party software and using it is against game EULA - so ofcource you can. But it's undetected automatically and if you will use it carefully chance of ban is minimal. Remember, that no one cancelled abuses from another players.

First of all, you should remember, that ArcheAngel support proxy and HWID change for every game client. That means, that each game client is isolated from another, so admins couldn't see any connection between your accounts. So use diffenert proxy on every bot, and don't trade\mail gold directly from bots to main character. More info about safety.

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But please, ask your question directly, without meaningless messages like "hi" "here?".
Detailed description and screenshots are welcome. Appreciate my and your time.